A Lie To Die For (2019)


Genre: Crime

Plot: Lies told by some people will be protected at any cost, including murder. Each stand alone episode takes you on the journey of each case as investigators unravel each complex case of these horrendous tragedies, all to protect the lie. The premiere "A Marriage Bed Of Lies," looks at the life to two high school sweethearts. Mark and Lori's life seemed perfect, reaching and celebrating many milestones, including 5 year wedding anniversary, Lori's pregnancy and Mark is accepted to med school interstate. Alas as they we're about to make the life changes and move interstate their dreams quickly turned to nightmares. Read More



Episode 13: The Ungrateful Killer
Episode 7: The Heat of Deceit
Episode 6: Collateral Damage
Episode 4: Murder in Mexico
Episode 3: A Stolen Life
Episode 2: Explosive Lies
Episode 1: A Marriage Bed of Lies