A Cook's Tour (2002)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure , History

Plot: A Cook's Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines is a New York Times bestselling book written by chef and author Anthony Bourdain in 2001. It is Bourdain's account of his world travels — eating exotic local dishes and experiencing life as a native in each country. The book was simultaneously made into a television series featuring Bourdain for the Food Network. Read More



Episode 13: Thailand: One Night in Bangkok
Episode 12: My Friend Linh
Episode 11: Let's Get Lost
Episode 10: Singapore: New York in Twenty Years
Episode 9: Down Under: The Wild West of Cooking
Episode 8: Mad Tony: The Food Warrior
Episode 7: The BBQ Triangle
Episode 6: The Struggle for the Soul of America
Episode 5: Elements of a Great Bar
Episode 4: How to Be a Carioca
Episode 3: A Mystical World
Episode 2: No Beads, No Babes, No Bourbon Street
Episode 1: Food Tastes Better with Sand Between Your Toes
Episode 22: A Pleasing Palate
Episode 21: Highland Grub
Episode 20: My Life As a Cook-NYC
Episode 19: MY Hometown Favorites
Episode 18: The French Laundry Experience
Episode 17: Los Angeles, My Own Heart of Darkness
Episode 16: Puebla, Where the Good Cooks Are From
Episode 15: Tamales and Iguana, Oaxacan Style
Episode 14: So Much Vodka, So Little Time
Episode 13: The Cook Who Came In From the Cold
Episode 12: Traditional Tastes
Episode 11: Desert Feast
Episode 10: Stuffed Like a Pig
Episode 9: Childhood Flavors
Episode 8: San Sebastian: A Food Lover's Town
Episode 7: Cod Crazy
Episode 6: Eating on the Edge of Nowhere
Episode 5: Wild Delicacies
Episode 4: Eating on the Mekong
Episode 3: Cobra Heart-Food That Makes You Manly
Episode 2: Dining with Geishas
Episode 1: A Taste of Tokyo