90 Day Fiancé (2014)


Genre: Reality-tv , Romance

Plot: Long distance relationships are tested when Non-US citizens are granted K1 visas (which allows them 90 days to travel to the US, to marry their American fiancè or risk getting deported). If they get married, they're eligible to get green cards to become US citizens. Read More



Episode 19: Tell All (2)
Episode 18: Tell All (1)
Episode 17: First Comes Love
Episode 16: Second Guessing
Episode 15: Love Me or Leave Me
Episode 14: Into Your Arms
Episode 13: Forgive but Never Forget
Episode 12: About Last Night
Episode 11: Three's a Party
Episode 10: The Devil's Work
Episode 9: The No Bang Theory
Episode 8: Unsure and Insecure
Episode 7: You So Bad Boy
Episode 6: The Real You
Episode 5: Who's the Boss?
Episode 4: What's Mine Is Mine
Episode 3: Bless This Mess
Episode 2: Shame on You
Episode 1: I Think You're My Future Wife
Episode 15: Tell All (2)
Episode 14: Tell All (1)
Episode 13: Can I Get a Witness
Episode 12: I Do and I Don't Know
Episode 11: Blindsided
Episode 10: Choose Me
Episode 9: I Don't Have a Choice
Episode 8: Judgement Day
Episode 7: The Truth Shall Set You Free
Episode 6: Premature Departure
Episode 5: We Need to Talk
Episode 4: You Don't Forget Your Past
Episode 3: What Am I Worth to You?
Episode 2: They Don't Know
Episode 1: I Want to Kiss You
Episode 13: Tell All (2)
Episode 12: Tell All (1)
Episode 11: Make It or Break It
Episode 10: Where Truth Lies
Episode 9: Backed Into A Corner
Episode 8: No Way Out
Episode 7: Ready to Run
Episode 6: Flirting with Disaster
Episode 5: Not What I Thought
Episode 4: I Know What You Did
Episode 3: Rough Landings
Episode 2: Young and Restless
Episode 1: The Clock Is Tickin'
Episode 13: Tell All
Episode 12: I Now Pronounce You
Episode 11: Second Thoughts
Episode 10: Breaking Point
Episode 9: Wake Up Call
Episode 8: Out of Nowhere
Episode 7: Welcome to Real Life
Episode 6: Crossing the Line
Episode 5: Family First
Episode 4: Good Morning America
Episode 3: Bring on the 90 Days
Episode 2: Parental Approval
Episode 1: Waiting Is the Hardest Part
Episode 14: Tell All
Episode 13: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
Episode 12: Too Little Too Late
Episode 11: Are You Ready For This?
Episode 10: Confessions of a Foreign Fiance
Episode 9: You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
Episode 8: This Is What You Came For
Episode 7: Time to Tell the Truth
Episode 6: I Can See the Cracks
Episode 5: Testing the Waters
Episode 4: Life's a Beach
Episode 3: Meet the Family
Episode 2: You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
Episode 1: For Your Eyes Only
Episode 11: Tell All
Episode 10: This is It
Episode 9: What Do You Know About Love?
Episode 8: Bachelorette Blues
Episode 7: Don't Push Me
Episode 6: Lights, Camera, Drama
Episode 5: Missing Home
Episode 4: Full of Surprises
Episode 3: Questions & Answers
Episode 2: Welcome to the Family
Episode 1: Departures and Arrivals
Episode 11: The Couples Tell All
Episode 10: I'm Gonna Go Home
Episode 9: Red Flags
Episode 8: Going Once, Going Twice...Gone?
Episode 7: I Have To Tell You Something
Episode 6: Fears, Family, Future
Episode 5: Mo' Money, Mo Problems
Episode 4: Touchdown!
Episode 3: Watch You Like A Hawk
Episode 2: I'm Home America
Episode 1: New Couples, New Journeys
Episode 6: Time's Up
Episode 5: Didn't Expect This…
Episode 4: 90 Days Isn't Enough
Episode 3: Enough is Enough
Episode 2: Culture Shock
Episode 1: I Got My Visa!