1600 Penn (2012)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: President Gilcrest may be foremost the US head of state and government, his reassembled family complicates life in the White House considerably, often interfering with his image or even with matters of state. Eldest son Skip is as goofy as self-absorbed, his siblings are rather ambitious but socially awkward. Eldest daughter Becca's ruthless march to career is suddenly questionable when she has a fertile affair with irresistible 'simpleton' D.B. Read More



Episode 13: Marry Me, Baby
Episode 12: Bursting the Bubble
Episode 11: Dinner, Bath, Puzzle
Episode 10: The Short Happy Life of Reba Cadbury
Episode 9: Game Theory
Episode 8: Live from the Lincoln Bedroom
Episode 7: To the Ranch
Episode 6: Skip the Tour
Episode 5: Frosting / Nixon
Episode 4: Meet the Parent
Episode 3: So You Don't Want to Dance
Episode 2: The Skiplantic Ocean
Episode 1: Putting Out Fires