15 Storeys High (2002)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: One of the BBC's cult TV comedies, this sharp and quirky series is written by and stars British Comedy Award winner Sean Lock. He's locked in a high-rise flatshare with another bloke on a South London council estate. But he's the landlord and his lodger Errol is making his life a misery. What's more there are other oddball occupants in the block to contend with, from the wife-swappers and bible-bashers to the guy with a lodger of his own: a horse. Read More



Episode 6: Errol's Women
Episode 5: The Baby
Episode 4: The Plough
Episode 3: Holiday
Episode 2: Car Boot and Pigeon Shit
Episode 1: Vince the Shirker
Episode 6: Dead Swan
Episode 5: Pool Kids
Episode 4: Ice Queen
Episode 3: Blue Rat
Episode 2: The Model
Episode 1: Sofa